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Our longines replica watches according to the official production of the original structure, then tell you about the structure of Longines watches.

1. Movement structure, Longines Swiss watch movement size (12 * 1/2 order), Longines movement maximum diameter of 28.50mm. Assembly diameter 28.0Omm, thickness 4.0mm.

2. Transmission structural forms, Longines transmission structure as the swiss longines watches center forward pass three double structure, the center piece round barrel in the following round, three double reed structure is actually the second structure is similar just seconds away from the center of the wheel assembly, and center retaining only second gear shaft. In order to prevent second hand shake, it is best to avoid using second spring suppress or hold a second gear shaft. 6952 Longines watch movement waterproof structure to overcome the dual three seconds jitter. Actually three so-called double three parts composed of a plurality of parts, three tridentate sheet 3 with the shaft 5 are mutually containing mutually rotatable; three sheet 2 and three pinion nip, the sheet twenty-three separated by a spacer, independently of each other in the drive, the power of the cartridge assembly components transmitted via the second round of three parts. Three pieces simultaneously with longines replica for sale four active pinion meshed second pinion; sheet only three fixed pinion meshing with the second. Since the gears are clamped, in fact, by fixing three torque sheet second pinion, three pieces transmitted four active components. Steady vibration time by the balance spring components generated by the escapement wheel parts, activity three pieces spread seconds tooth axis indicates seconds. Three pieces stuck in second gear two axes simultaneously engages the second hand does not occur jitter.

3. Balance spring system structure, the machine vibration frequency of 28,800 times heart / when put put smaller wheel diameter of about 9.6 mm. Using activities pile ring. An outer ring arranged pile trimming device, piece by trimming and trimming screw components. As long as the effective length of the screw screwdriver screwing the screws when using the fine-tuning, fine tuning trimmer screw driven piece, relying on fine-tuning the axial component of the needle plate and pressed the speed friction torque, so that the speed of the needle assembly rotates around the shock absorber for the trace, growth and replica longines for men shorten the gossamer , so as to fine-tune the speed of the purpose of the watch. Gossamer triangle inside the pile of pile, L gossamer. Pile outside the traditional structure is not the same. 5375 and the use of outer screw pile pile outside the outer end of gossamer film 376 clamped to overcome adhesive glue is not strong and because of the aging of shedding older defects.

In recognition of the brand's elegant style, elegant Longines known for sponsoring the sport, including sponsorship gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and best longines replica watches riding competitions, and the establishment of "Longines elegant Performance Award" in recognition of superior technology, exquisite and elegant athlete.

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